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Pediatric House Call Solutions

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Fitness, Nutrition, And Wellness

Can your child be healthier?

Are you tired of being the only person to remind your child about healthy eating/exercise?

Does a family medical history and genes conspire against you?

  • Poor fitness, nutrition, and wellness can lead to a myriad of problems
  • These health issues can effect a person for years to come
  • Esteem, confidence, and self-reliance issues can develop
  • Impulse and self-control issues can flourish and have life long consequences

Charles has received preparation and education from:

  • ​The American Academy of Pediatrics

  • The American Academy of Family Physicians

  • The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  • The Endocrine Society

Today’s youth are bombarded by Damaging Messages, Harmful Opportunities, and Conflicting Role Models

  • Managing these issues requires a multi-faceted strategy

  • Medical, Behavioral, and Lifestyle interventions are implemented

  • Individual attention

  • Education and review of principle issues

  • Consistent and Frequent follow-up

  • Extensive utilization of today’s media environment

  • Praise and Criticism where appropriate

Charles has been Trained, Educated, and has Experience in successfully dealing with these matters

Call and schedule a meeting to learn more about the Approaches and Processes employed