Phone: (203) 893-5394
Fax: (855) 766-3951

Phone: (203) 893-5394
Fax: (855) 766-3951


I feel so much better knowing he can help care for my children.


He has such sensible advice. Just hearing his voice calms me down.


Charlie is warm, kind, reliable and clearly enjoys working with kids. My kids prefer seeing Charlie to all other options.


Charlie is available anytime of day or night to answer your questions. It’s such a relief to know you’ll be talking with someone you know understands your child


He is thorough, educates us and explains things in an easy to understand language. He has been a life saver more than once and is a true find


No more getting the other kids sick too! 


My kids get so excited when they hear Charlie is coming over 


No answering service, No long waits, No run around. You talk to Charlie 


This is way better than sitting in a germy waiting room 


Charlie is a class act. My son adores him!

Suzanne R

I’ve never felt as confident in someone as I do in Charlie.

Danielle N

I know when my kids don't feel good. They say "Mom, call Dr Charlie"

Jessica L

At first I was nervous, but all of my friends kept telling me to call. I'm so glad I did. Charlie is the best.

Cathy P

Rashes in the spring. Sprains in the summer. Colds in the fall. Strept in the winter. Charlie is here all year round.

Larry S

Charlie has been caring for my daughter for years now and has taken care of everything from banged heads to animal bites. He's the best.


My children love Charlie. I trust every word he says. I only wish he took care of adults.

Tracey J

Why don't more people do this? It's great for kids. It's great for parents. Charlie is great.

Mike A

Charles has taken care of my boys for both illnesses and check-ups and has always done a great job. He knows what to share with a parent and what to discuss with a child. I cannot recommend Pediatric House Call Solutions and Charles strongly enough.

Kathy B

My child had a dislocated elbow. Charles came right over, recognized the problem immediately, and fixed it. He told us exactly what it was and what to expect. He saved us hours in an emergency room.

Greg S

My daughter had a rash and I called Charlie. He asked some questions then said "Text me a picture." He called back a few minutes later, told me what it was, what to expect, and how to deal with it. He was spot on.

Tanya R

Great, great, great.

Nicole S

I had four kids with strep. The only time they had to stop watching the Disney Channel is when Charlie examined and tested them. It was the best visit to the doctors me and my kids ever had. 

Mark R

I've told my friends and they told their friends.


He's so silly

Grace age 4

Charles is so fantastic with kids


My kids actually feel better when they see him walk through the door


I can’t believe how convenient this is for me and my child


Charlie and his service are a godsend


He is fantastic, his service is fantastic, everything he does is fantastic


It’s like the olden days with a cell phone